Custom Angle Bracket (New)

Our custom heavy-duty angle brackets are made from 1/4" A36 plate and are used to connect beams and columns at right angles.  No guesswork, no quotes, no haggling, and no gimmicks - design your part right in your browser and instantly know the price. Holes are spaced 1" from the end of each plate at 4x fastener diameter to a minimum of 4x fastener diameter from the corner. Plates narrower than 7" have a single row of holes down the middle, while plates 7" or wider have dual rows of holes inset at thirds. The two legs are welded together with a welding process stronger than the component steel.

If you need any help ordering, call us. We will be happy to walk you through the process or provide customizations.

Click and drag to view connector from different angles.

Welcome to the shop! Adjust sliders to customize your column cap. You can drag and rotate the column connector to view it from different angles.

Height of angle bracket:
Length of angle bracket:
Width of angle bracket:
Diameter of fastener:
Black powder coating can be added at checkout.

$ 29.19

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