Architectural Tie Rod Assemblies

Architectural Tie Rod Examples

Custom architectural tie rod assemblies use 1/2" to 2" steel rods, clevises, turnbuckles, and custom saddles to connect and strengthen your trusses.

Tie rods can be fixed length (i.e., without turnbuckles) or adjustable length (i.e., with turnbuckles).  They can be terminated with clevises to grip a knife plate, with nuts and custom saddles that can be bolted to a beam, or they can be welded to custom saddles.

As with all of our products, they can be galvanized, powder coated, or shipped unfinished for site-finishing. 

Example Tie Rods & Connectors

  • Tie Rods

    Tie Rods

  • Tie Rod Brackets

    Tie Rod Brackets

  • Tie Rod Assemblies

    Tie Rod Assemblies

  • Tie Rod Turnbuckles

    Tie Rod Turnbuckles & Nuts