New customizable heavy duty angle brackets October 01 2023

We now offer an angle bracket configuration tool. It is similar to the joist hanger configuration tool. You can design the angle bracket exactly the way you need it and visually see your changes in real time. In addition to adjusting the length and width, you can select the hole size and the corner style. Check it out here.

New Customizable Joist Hangers October 31 2022

We are excited to announce you can now design your own heavy duty joist hangers right inside your browser. No quotes, no haggling, design your joist hanger to your specifications and immediately see the price. No one in the industry makes it this easy!

And if you need help with your designs or need a customization our tool cannot do, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

New Column Connectors September 07 2018

Timberplates now offers timber column connectors fully customizable from right in your browser! 

Connecting beams to columns is always tricky, but we take the guess-work out of the cost and design process by allowing you to specify exactly what you need for every dimension of your column bases, column caps, and cross column caps. Our connectors are welded from solid 3/16" steel, not some flimsy light-gauge material, and our lead times are the best in the industry. 

Now shipping to Canada August 22 2017

To all of our brothers and sisters in the frozen north, we heard you. We're now shipping to Canada! We're still navigating the paperwork but if you have something you need us to quote call us and we are on it. Soon pricing will be built into the site so Canadian orders will be just as painless and simple to place as domestic ones.

Finally - powder coating! November 07 2016

We've had customers ask us over the years for powder coating. There is no doubt powder coating is the way to go for gazebos, carports, patios, and other applications where the plates will be subject to the elements. We are very excited to be able to bring you powder coating at very competitive prices even for very small orders.

See what our customers have been up to September 10 2015

We've added a page to show the amazing things our customers have been creating with our timber connector plates. Check it out and get inspired!

New Examples Added August 30 2015

We've added more examples to our How it Works page to help customers understand their options. It can be confusing figuring out what plates you need just from the pictures of the plates. We hope these new examples give you an idea of what's possible. We chose the Massif plates for our examples, but the same principles apply to our Taiga and Sierra lines.

Reclaimed Timbers June 16 2014

We're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with our local mill to bring you some enormous old reclaimed timbers available for immediate shipment throughout the Continental US. Check these beauties out!

The Sierra Collection June 15 2014

By popular demand Timberplates.com has introduced the Sierra Collection. The Sierra Collection is a line of extra-large plates with double-row bolt patterns designed for large timbers over 10" wide. The second image on our homepage slider shows a Sierra plate in use. Check them out!

Introducing the L Plate June 02 2014

Another customer request, the L Plate is based on our T plate design and can be used at corners to connect posts to beams. We hope you like it.

N and U plates added to the catalog April 19 2014

We had a customer request a version of the W4 Taiga plate without the king post spoke so we did that design for free and added it to the catalog. We call that the N plate and have added it to both the Taiga and Massif collections.

We also created a mate for it - an S plate without the king post spoke that we call it the U plate. It's also in both the Taiga and Massif collections.

Have a request for a custom plate design? If we feel it's a widely useful plate we will often do it for free with same-day proofing on the design. Send us your requests.

Introducing the Taiga Collection April 14 2014

Graceful lines. Elegant proportions. Our new Taiga collection of steel connector plates is both beautiful and economical. We hope you like them.

New store front and timber plate designs April 12 2014

Timberplates is excited to announce our new storefront and timber connector designs. Now customers can buy our stock steel timber connectors on the right over the web.

In addition, our new designs are simpler and more cost-effective than our legacy designs which means timber framing is even more accessible than ever. Customers interested in our legacy designs can still order those, just call us at (325) 400-1274

We hope you like the new store. Good luck with your timber framing projects.

The Timberplates Team