Reclaimed Timbers

When it comes to timber framing and post and beam construction, nothing can match the patina, character, and history of reclaimed timbers. And nothing looks better paired with our steel truss plates. Finish them in black or leave them to rust, either way you can create a stunning, one of a kind masterpiece. Whether they come from a 130 year old warehouse or the depths of our Great Lakes, reclaimed timbers and barn wood can add a timeless beauty to your projects. 

We've partnered with our local mill to bring you some of the most impressive reclaimed timbers in North America. We have 100 year old oak timbers 15" thick and 15' long. These beams are epic and must be seen to be fully appreciated. Saw marks, rusty nail holes, faded paint - every timber has a story to tell. Every timber is a conversation piece. These timbers were the backbones of buildings built in a bygone era. We can share with you the history of these magnificent pieces so your project can be connected with that past. Call us at (512) 222-9734 for pricing and details. Give these beauties another century of service.