Column Cap

Our column caps are made from 3/16" A36 plate and are for connecting your posts to your horizontal beams. You can use them to connect two beams over the center of a post or for one beam that extends over the post.   

If you need any help ordering, call us. We will be happy to walk you through the process or provide customizations.

Click and drag to view connector from different angles.

Welcome to the shop! Adjust sliders to customize your column cap. You can drag and rotate the column connector to view it from different angles.

Length of saddle on beam:
Height of saddle on beam:
Width of beam (we will add 1/16"):

Column Straps

Width of strap on column:
Length of strap on column:
Space between straps (we will add 1/16"):
Black powder coating can be added at checkout.

$ 77.25

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